Medicine and Miles

Two of my absolute favorite things. Which explains why I decided to create a blog to follow my adventures in both.

My PA program starts in August, when I’ll be relocating from San Diego to San Rafael to attend Dominican University of California. Prior to getting accepted to PA school I was a volunteer EMT and an MA in a family practice office. Over the last decade I’ve worked in Orthopedics, Urgent Care, OBGYN, Dermatology, ENT, and the Emergency Department.

Five years ago I started running, fours years ago a friend nudged me into triathlons. Then came trail running, backpacking, and mountain biking. I’ve done a trail marathon, a half-Ironman, a full Ironman, a road marathon, and I’m currently training for my first 50k. I love being outside, running, biking, hiking, pretty much all of it, except open water swimming. Still trying to learn to enjoy that.

I’m excited to start this blog and share the ups and downs of becoming a Physician Assistant and an ultrarunner.