Running with Zwift

Disclaimer: I received a Zwift Foot Pod to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

I finally got to try Zwift!! I have been eyeing the Zwift platform for the last year and have been anxiously waiting to try it. They have a platform to use with a smart bike trainer, and one to use with a treadmill and foot pod. Since I do not have plans to upgrade my bike trainer, testing the foot pod and treadmill seemed perfect!!

All you need to get started – plus a treadmill of course πŸ™‚

Setting everything up was pretty easy. I got on the Zwift website and they had step by step instructions on how to get the foot pod all set up on your shoe. I downloaded the Zwift app and the Zwift companion app (a true must have)! From there I was able to customize my avatar and find friends to follow and run with. There are so many group runs to join – which is really helpful for me. I tend to skip runs if I’m not meeting up with someone or a group, so being accountable to a virtual group run is pretty vital for me!

My avatar and I are twins!
Waiting for the BibRave Pro group run to start







Most of the runs are in a fictional land – but the scenery is pretty and it is easy to navigate. The avatar runs on the same road that the cycling app uses, so it was pretty startling to me the first time my avatar got hit by a bike, hahaha. But it just moves right through and the avatar keeps running! Group runs are especially fun because you get to see your friends running, and some even have recognizable avatars, lol. The more you

Getting my butt kicked during a tempo run

run the more you unlock new stuff too – like shirts and shoes and things. And I’ll always take any kind of extra incentive to run.

While I was testing the Zwift platform I was able to join a group run with other BibRave Pros. I didn’t realize until we started that it was a tempo run – which I never do! I did my best and held on and ran faster than I ever do! I surprised myself with some of the paces I was able to hold. Makes me think I should probably be doing more tempo runs, even though they hurt at the time, haha.

Usually I am not a treadmill fan, at all, but having Zwift made it enjoyable to log some gym miles. Winter in NorCal is about to be full force, which means 40 degrees and raining a lot. So I am planning on spending some real time on the treadmill over the next couple months. Especially with races coming up! My style is usually to skip runs when the weather isn’t great, but I know that is not realistic or smart. I have some big goals for the upcoming year and I know Zwift is going to help me achieve them!

Getting ready to Zwift!

Overall I really liked the platform, and having the run pod really helped me know exactly how fast I was going and when to push even harder. I wish I would have tried it sooner, it would have been a lifesaver when I was stuck inside with the Camp Fire smoke. But at least I have it now!!


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